Cookie Stealing Attack to hack Any Account like Facebook ,Twitter , Gmail ,Hotmail ,Skype and yahoo etc

Cookie Stealing Attack:

Using this method you can hack Any Account like Facebook ,Twitter , Gmail ,Hotmail ,Skype and yahoo etc.

this works At
LAN(local Area Network) . its best place to hack at university, cafe , public place where computer are on one LAN simple Example WI-Fi.

What is Cookies And how the use of stealing cookies?

Cookies are file’s that stored on Any computer’s By any website when a you visits them . the cookie used by the web server to check the authenticate the Real user . like you Enter Login in Facebook then a unique string’s Generated and the one copy saved in the web server and other is saved on your Browser as a Cookie file . both are matched when you open a Account. so then finally we will start.

Step 1:
Download the Wire Shark and install it.

Step 2:
Next open the wire shark and then click on

Step 3:
Next choose a interface which is received and
sending packet and click on start

Step 4:
Continue the sniffing for around like 10 minutes.

Step 5:
After a maximum 10 minute stop the sniffing by going to a capture menu.

its important step, now filter to http. cookie contains “datr”. Then
filter the all search for http cookies with a name of datr and there is Facebook authentication’s cookie.

Step 7:
Now click on it and then goto the copy > Bytes
> Printable Text only

Step 8:
Now for next step you must have 3 thing,
1. Mozilla Firefox [browser]
2. Grease Monkey[add-on]
3. Cookie injector[code]
and then open facebook. com make sure you are
not login

Step 9:
Press the button Alt C to bring up a cookie
injector and then Simply paste in a cookie value
into it.

Step 10
Now refresh your page so then finally you Enter
the Victim Account.

Note: Only for educational purpose

What is Cookie Hijacking

What is Cookie Hijacking.?

Cookie hijacking is also called session hijacking or cookie theft.
Cookie hijacking is a hacking process by which the hacker gains unauthorized access to some confidential information in a way which is not facilitated by the user or a secure session.

Specifically speaking cookie hijacking means hacking or stealing the cookies that contain confidential information that is needed to authenticate or connect a user to a remote web server.

Cookie hijacking can be performed by the hacker by using a computer between the node and server or by obtaining access to the cookies stored on the user’s computer.

A hacker can also use source router Internet protocol or IP packets to gain unauthorized access between two communicating nodes.

The hacker would then route the packets containing cookies to pass through his computer before reaching destination.
Cookie hijacking sometimes is used to perform denial of service attacks also known as DDoS attacks.