How to Shutdown Computer automatically Using Firefox Auto Shutdown Add-on

4222061665 632c48d187 o How to Shutdown Computer automatically Using Firefox Auto Shutdown Add onFirefox is the top most world widely used web browser. Because it is handy and have lots of features though its add-on and extension. Sometimes we download files using Firefox and on the same time we need to go for some work. So until we come back the computer waste the energy. In this situation we can use Firefox Auto shutdown the computer when downloads are completed and helps us to save electric power.

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Auto Shutdown is a cool Firefox add-on which controls your active download and shut down the computer when downloads are completed through is auto executing user script. Not only this but if Firefox is running idle it also shut downs the pc 4222074655 e22c0502ae o How to Shutdown Computer automatically Using Firefox Auto Shutdown Add onautomatically with pre defined shut down time.

If you are using Downthemall Firefox extension for downloading movies, video, music and images from web then you can easily integrate Auto shutdown Firefox extension with downthemall add-on.

Download Auto shutdown Firefox Add-on

Detecting Rats & Keyloggers Using CMD And Task Manager

Detecting Rats & Keyloggers Using CMD And Task Manager

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you the easiest way of finding out malicious applications installed on your PC that transfer data using the internet without you knowing it.

As stated in the title, we’ll be using TaskManager and CMD for the purposes of this tutorial.

Part 1 :- Customizing Taskbar

1. To get started, open up your TaskManager by right clicking your TaskBar and selecting TaskManager or just hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to get it open.

2. Once that is done, click the “Processes” tab of your TaskManager and click View -> Select Columns -> Make sure that “Process Identifier(PID)” is ticked.

Pic :-

3. Now click the PID column to make sure that all the processes are sorted in a specific order. This step is not necessary, but it will make it easier for you to detect processes using their IDs.

Pic :-

Part 2 :- Using CMD

Once you’ve done that right, we’re going to move on to part 2 of our tutorial, which is using CMD to view established connections.

Assuming you know how to open up CMD, I’m just going to rush through step 1.

1. Start -> Run -> CMD
Just type in cmd in the searchbar if you’re running a system powered by Windows7.

2. Once cmd is open, I want you to type in “netstat -ano”.
Your result should be something like this:

Pic :-

3. Now what we’re interested in are only the connections with the state “ESTABLISHED”.
Isolate them out and look for the PID right next to them. There will be many connections with “ESTABLISHED” state, you’ll have to repeat the following steps for all of them.

Pic :-

This is the fun part. Now go back to the TaskManager and look for the name of the process(es) that has the same PID(s) as the one you found with the ESTABLISHED connection(s)

Pic :-

In the above case, it’s a safe and trusted application known as Dropbox, so I’m good. But incase you find a process which you do not know, if it’s something like svchost.exe that you’re sure is infected, right click the process and select “Open File Location”.

Now all you have to do is right click the file and scan it using your AV or upload it to an online scanner such as and check if it’s infected.

Pic :-

It’s as easy as that.

What is RAT (Remote Access Trojan)?

What is RAT (Remote Access Trojan)?

RAT stands for Remote Access Trojan or Remote Administration Tool.
It is one of the most dangerous virus out their over the internet. Hacker can use RAT to get complete control to your computer.
He can do basicly anything with your computer.
Using RAT hacker can install keyloggers and other malicious viruses remotely to your computer, infect files on your system and more.

In this post i will tell you about what hacker can do with your computer using RAT and tell you about some commonly use RAT by hackers.

What is RAT ?

As i have told you in my introduction paragraph RAT is Remote Access trojan. It is a peace of software or program which hacker uses to get complete control of your computer. It can be send to you in form of images, videos or any other files. Their are some RAT that even your antivirus software can not detect. So always be sure about what you are downloading from the internet and never save or download files that anonymous user send you over the mail or in chat room.

What You can do with RAT ?

Once a RAT is installed on any computer hacker can do almost anything with that computer. Some malicious task that you can do with RAT are listed below:

Infecting Files
Installing Keyloggers
Controlling Computer
Remotely start webcam, sounds, movies etc

Using your PC to attack Website (DDOS)
View Screen Harmless RAT or Good RAT
As you have seen how harmfull RAT are for your computer, but their are some good RAT which some of you might be using daily.
You might have heard of TeamViewer, it is a software which you use to control some one’s computer with his permission for file transfer, sharing your screen and more.

Some Commonly Used RAT
CyberGate RAT
DarkComet RAT